CleanForCargo Tank Cleaner Solid

CleanForCargo's Tank Cleaner Solid
makes things so much easier and cheaper

Our Motto is: ”Just add water”.
The Masava product line has a proven track record as a high-end product.
We recommend you to try CleanForCargo’s Masava Line: Here you are
not buying a lot of water in highly diluted cleaning products. The Masava
product line have a concentration far above the most cleaning products
available. This saves transport costs, storage space and not least costs.

Optimize storage onboard

  • 1 bucket replaces a 200L drum
  • Stackable -also when empty
  • Takes up very little space on board
  • Practical size, easier handling
  • Less risk of chipping the paint of the vessel
  • Less freight –lower shipping cost
  • Possible to store onboard due to minimum 3-yearshelf
  • Buying for each cleaning will no longer be needed
  • Less weight – reduces CO2 footprint
  • Convenient packaging -Reduces risk of chemical spills
  • Less risk of accidents and ergonomic injuries
  • More convenience and accessibility in terms of waste management
  • No components are classified as environmental hazards

Highly effective against

CleanForCargo’s Masava Tank Cleaner Solid replaces products such as.

• NavadanNavacleanAlkatuff801
• AnmarTC-01 Heavy Duty Alkaline Tank Cleaner
• Unitor Alkleenliquid
• Unitor TankleenAdvance
• Rx-Sol Multi Clean Tank Wash
• Rx-Sol Tank Cleaner HD
• Apex-418 AlkacleanHD
• MarichemTank cleaner-A