CleanForCargo Masava Tank Cleaner Solid

The big difference is that the Masava Tank Solid is solid product in 10-liter plastic buckets, which replaces conventional tank cleaning products often delivered in 200-liter drums. This is a product that can even be send by air freight, and it can be stored easily onboard with out taking up a lot of space. The storage volume for CleanforCargo´s Masava Tank Cleaner Solid is only 5 percent compared to conventional products.

Tank Cleaner Solid will also reduce your direct purchase costs by 40-50 percent and it will reduce your your logistic costs by 95 percent.

The CleanForCargo Masava Tank Cleaner line is a product second to none.

Like the other products in the Masava line have been a very popular choice within the shipping industry for many years already. Many of these products can be delivering in environment friendly Bag-in-Box systems which reduces plastic waste onboard significantly.

The Masava product line has a proven track record as a high-end product in concentrations second to none. Our Motto is: ”Just add water”.

Using and handling CleanForCargo Tank Cleaner Solid, you are not buying and transporting water and highly diluted cleaning products. Tank Cleaner Solid takes the word Concentrated to a hole new level.

All over – there will be great savings and benefits from using CleanForCargo Masava Tank Cleaner Solid. There will be savings on all parameters – purchase price, transport costs, storage space, absence of big garbage volumes and not least, much easier and safer handling onboard.