Revolutionary tank cleaning product

Save 30 to 40% Cost and 95% of the storage space. One 10-liter bucket is replacing one 200L drum of conventional tank cleaning products. CleanForCargo´s Masava Tank Cleaner Solid can even be transported by air  which will assist to avoid critical operation delays.

Welcome to CleanForCargo

CleanForCargo’s Masava Tank Cleaner Solid is a tank cleaning product that will revolutionize the way you are thinking and handling tank cleaning and logistic in the future. The Masava Tank Cleaner Solid is a high-end product where the active substance is a solid compound, delivered in 10-liter plastic buckets is replacing conventional tank cleaning products delivered in 200 liter drums. This a product that can be send by air freight, it can be stored easily onboard. The storage space needed is only 5 % of the space needed for storage of conventional tank cleaners in 200 drums.   

Tank Cleaning in a new way

CleanForCargo’s main product Masava Tank Cleaner Solid is a tank cleaner that will revolutionize how you be thinking, planning, and handling tank cleaning jobs in the future


General Cleaning

CleanForCargo´s MASAVA MAX is our general heavy duty cleaner for almost all kind of cleaning tasks – But it is also a very good product for tank cleaning after veg oils- and greases. 

95% smaller weight and volume – enabling easy transport, handling, and storage onboard.

The Masava product line has a proven track record as a high-end product. We recommend  CleanForCargo’s Masava Line. Here you are not buying a lot of water in highly diluted cleaning products. The Masava product line have a concentration far above the most cleaning products available. This saves transport costs, storage space and not least costs.

Why choose CleanForCargo?

Efficient production and large scale contracts for raw materials, combined with no need for expensive drums and storage, provides a 30-40% saving for the end user

Small volume enables much lower transport and handling costs.  The product can be stored onboard for up to 3 years, and takes up only very little space. 

CleanForCargo Tank cleaner Solid can be transported in small van’s or even by air. In this way it is very easy to avoid critical supply situations.

In stead of 50 pcs of empty 200 liter drums that has to be returned or send to garbage, you will only have 50 pcs empty 10 liter plastic buckets, that can be stacked.  In this way the garbage volume will be reduced by 98 %